Branding with purpose

We started Waykambas in 2006 with a sharp vision: to build an inspiring branding agency.

We create inspiring brands with head and heart that engage with today and tomorrow’s audiences, globally & locally while on or offline. We are collaborating with established corporations, progressive companies to young local start-ups in embracing innovations, discover new ways in fast-changing world and generate brand experiences that is impressive and impactful. Our team of strategists, creatives and technologists who have an exceptional energy, curiosity, passion, and experience, are ready to meet the new brand goals!


We strive to a create better community, society and universe through the power of branding, good design and creative minds. We do good in style.

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Great work is done for great clients.

We are collaborating with established corporation, progressive company to young local start ups in embracing innovations, discover new ways in fast-changing world and generate brand experiences that impressive and impactful.

Corporate & Services

Patria Engineering
Yang Ming

Consumer Goods

Platinum Ceramics

Energy & Industrial

United Oil
Bluescope Steel


Danpac Pharma
Sensitif VIVO


Astra Land
Plaza Oleos
Premier Indonesia
WIKA Realty


Jayakarta Hotel
The Rinra
Kosenda Hotel
Phinisi Hospitality

Lifestyle & Luxury

Iwan Tirta
Soehanna Hall


Baby Organics
Dharma Kitchen

Tech & Future

Germain Gaia
Toko Social

Banking & Finance

OCBC Sekuritas
BCA Life

Food & Beverage

Lontar Dining
Sunachi Harbour
Bar on 3

Institution & Art

Indo Heritage
Galeri Canna
Mahakarya Warisan Nusantara


Thinkers that do. Doers that think.

We breathe in history. We breathe out story. We are young spirit. We are old soul. We are edgy. We are timeless. We stay curious to leads the innovation in anticipating and connecting with the forthcoming. We are responsive and sensible towards changes. Come from various background, diverse expertise and multi perspectives, as a brand devotee, we share a passion for excellence to create exceptional brands.

William Berlian Chief Operating Officer

He has been a leading figure of Waykambas Branding for more than a decade. Under his leadership, company have grown and expanded its focus - creating stronger brands, richer customer experiences, positive company cultures, and smarter strategies. He is described as “the advisor” since his ability to foresee the unseen and give objective opinions.

Lestari Ho Head of Business Development

Starting as brand thinker and now heading the strategic team, she has worked with a wide range of client that gives her the broad perspective necessary to clarify, simplify, and inspire both sides -client and team. She presents a unique fusion of multi perspective insight, rigor and passion. As additional role, she focuses on the team's development. As part of the philosophy of Waykambas, bringing the uniqueness of each individual to the fore is essential -it pours colors.

Charles Tjung Creative Head

Strongly believes that design is about solving a problem in a substantive way, not just to deliver something cool. As a creative head in Waykambas, he is responsible to lead a team of designers, motivate and inspire them to create fresh and well-executed design and ideas for clients. He himself is a brand maniac who breathes in inspirations and breathes out creative design for brands.


Bobby Alexander Head of Motion Dept

He is a dedicated member who always offers a critical support to the team to deliver an excellent and striking design that excites clients with his exceptional skill. He prides himself on consistently keeping his head cool in various situations, either in the clashing storm or serene peace.

Marisa Gunawan Senior Brand Designer

Being a freak of Jessica Walsh’s pieces, graphic artwork and crafts have been where Marisa lays her passion on, which clearly depict her consideration of details in everything she created or see. On top of that, she also has a slightly more than an obsession with line art and digital imaging. Outside the circle of graphics, this indie-soul individual and Frank Sinatra admirer, often immersed in a world of indie music and poetry.


Ernest Theofilus Brand Designer

To elaborate, he has a good eye for many things. An eye for detail, an eye for feeling, and an eye for good design. Ernest also got a lot of silliness. His deep curiosity often leads him to be ‘too care’, and is likely to be annoying in funny way. Anyhow, he also got a plus point that enriches the colors of Waykambas members; experiences of living across the Javanese cities, makes this jubilant man a proficient in communicating the Javanese as well as Sundanese language!

Ladiann Hoko Account Executive

Discoverer of the essence of various matters from colleague, client even project. She has this ability to turn strangers into friends in just a spell. Her interests in mingle along with people and get to know different personalities, build her to be a real good bridge between the relationships with clients and the team.

Yosephine Salim Brand Strategist

Departing from Advertising (x Design) School, she is accustomed to (try) seeing the world in various perspectives. Her love of perspectives - including words, arts, and design is boundless. Always a starver for knowledge, an appreciator for culture and diverse views. Hence, she celebrates colors everyday as much as how she plays with words in daily task.

Aldo Darmaja Brand Strategist

A happy-go-lucky designer who loves filling his insights by visiting cinemas, performing arts and all related to sight-and-sound. Before entering the deeper layer of branding world, Aldo also had the chance to play around at the advertising play yard. This experience enriches him, and the team, as well.

Harits Keina Motion Designer

Bloodily imaginative, full of fantasy and wittily sarcastic. This is the main ammunition that our main motion designer got. Armed with this, Keina performs his daily 'motion magic' with a creative spell here-and-there, mixed with a daily doze of good music - turning all the static graphics into new awe-inspiring dynamics.