BCA Life

A name you can trust

BCA Life is a subsidiary brand of BCA Group, one of the strongest financial services group in Indonesia. Supported by BCA Group’s well-integrated  facilities and more than 1000 bank branches across Sabang to Merauke, BCA Life is surely half-way easier to grow rapidly. In running the company, BCA Life aims to build a positive perception of insurance for Indonesian family by constantly providing customer centric, trustworthy and innovative products as well as services.


BCA Group needs some assistance for this from a branding agency and so they appointed us to handle its eminent subsidiary, BCA Life, that aspires to be a national leading insurance company. From our examination, the huge challenge was how to compete in redzone, as there are numbers of competitor both local and multinational insurance companies that had prior exist. Another challenge comes from how to build BCA Life personal character while retain related with its parent brand.


Before doing any artwork, Waykambas started the process with research and mapping. The findings inspired Waykambas to formulate brand strategy and brand platform that will lead the visual identity system.

 BCA Life should strictly follow its master brand architecture guideline, so we can't do much in logo development. To accompany the logo, we create the tagline, "Senantiasa Melindungi Anda", that depict BCA Life very well and resonate perfectly with the parent brand. Next, we focus on creating meaningful, strong and easy to apply graphic elements and brand tone of voice through various brand channels, starting from stationery, digital experience, marketing collateral, advertising to manual guideline. We want customers to have all over new experience and perception about life insurance. 

With BCA Life, insurance would not be the same, it will be much clearer, reachable, understandable and most importantly reliable.


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