Iwan Tirta

A sequel of royal batik compilation

Since 2015, Waykambas has been honored to be part of Iwan Tirta Private Collection (ITPC), a Royal Collection that carries on the legacy of the Late Maestro, Iwan Tirta. Worn by countless admirers; from world leaders to elite clientele, ITPC brings premium contemporary pieces in the form of Storied Batik & Tradition into the modern world.


Sumptuous, traditional yet contemporary, ITPC is positioned as Batik of The (Modern) Kings. With curated Batik collection blends in historical and civilization view, ITPC reveals each season collection like a sacred art - classical, ceremonious and purposeful. For years, we are challenged not just to visualize, but to understand the deep roots of history, civilization, spiritualism and universe studies. We were challenged to represent a noble mission of 'Unifying Nusantara through Art' as seen in their successful runway sequel, Dewaraja (2015), Mahayana (2016) and the latest sequel, Condrosengkolo (2017).


To make history chewable while taking Batik to a higher level of art, Waykambas works along with Era Soekamto, the creative director of ITPC to translate The Maestro's legacy in the form of branding identity that will help communicate each season prudently.

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