CAN'S Gallery

Art of today

As one of the pioneer of the contemporary art gallery in Indonesia, Can's Gallery brings a new breed of identity to the former Galeri Canna. As the gallery focuses on supporting artists across Indonesia, its new mission is also to nurture new talents & build sustainable regeneration process. Hence, the gallery sought a new story & identity that would emphasize its brand presence to enthrall both the local and international art exposure. 



From rethinking the logo's concept to the new brand visual system, the new identity must evolve and adapt to suit different audiences and changes over time. We want Can's Gallery new look to be more welcoming than ever. Opening wider doors and bring the hype in. In the same time, it must also have bold character, contemporary mindset and versatile identity to use in diverse applications and explorations.



The logogram is formed from the initial Can's Gallery, C & G, that are merged together in a distinctive way. By application, an apostrophe mark is used as a graphic complement that can be filled with images or artworks of the gallery. This new logo becomes a metaphor for Can's Gallery New Visual Identity: contemporary yet evocative with historical in a surprising way. Our team of designers feels the privileged to create this new visual language that reflects a renewal energy of Can's Gallery where both artists and art lovers can gain new discoveries, inspirations, and creativity.

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