Phinisi Point

The hippest lifestyle mall of Makassar

Phinisi Point or casually nicknamed as “PiPo”, is a lifestyle mall unlike any other. This waterfront mall boasts urban green shelter, future-forward architecture, and infinite collection of the hippest delights. Pipo has revolutionized the shopping experience of Makassar and craftily becoming an exceptional urban destination for working, dining or chilling.



PiPo needed to stand out. The brand must be differentiated from the competition around and connect to the most updated generation of customers in the rapidly modernizing Makassar. 


Bringing ‘Enthu-sea-sm’ (Waterfront Lifestyle Hub), ‘Ingredients of Interesting Life’ (F&B Collection) and ‘Urban Nest’ (Greenery) to life, Phinisi Point come out as a port themed mall, where visitors can sail to 5 different top world cities; Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and New York. By visual design, the identity and mood are all about vibrant colors, also chill & cozy ambiance, and creative energy that mix the latest trends with advanced technology.


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