Toko Social

Digital simplicity for millennials daily

There are still missing links while dealing social business with Millennials users. While there are bunches of traders, marketers, and social media activists across Internet channels - the results & responses of users are likely passive. People are not buying, Brands & Contributors are not engaging audiences effectively, and there isn't a solid channel for brand campaigning. Under one hybrid online platform, TOS answers it all: the social, e-commerce, media and interactive solutions.


Defining the brand's big vision as a fluid brand, but still covering them in one unified communication.

Performing as both creative chamber and social campaigning, we are challenged to create an enjoyable, modernly simple yet outstanding brand that could grow with its ever-evolving business and take it forward.



As a technology-oriented startup, TOS is a brand of innovation and aspirational spirit. Their key values are: agile, favorable and sociable. And, to help articulate this purpose in design and communication, we designed a casual, friendly and simple visual identity in all elements. Supported with 3 main popping-enjoyable colors, fluid logo and graphic elements, this brand is ready to join the waves of online shopping.

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