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Wouldn’t it be a concern when a brand product outstood the group’s brand recognition? This happened to the legendary manufacturer of Morin, Indonesia’s most favorite spread & jam brand. Finally, after 39 years, Astaguna brace up to rebrand its visual identity to its essential philosophy values.  



Despite being established since 1978, the brand’s low recognition was indeed a unique advantage to this rebranding project. Evolving the brand became the option. Meaning, a total modernization with reasonable strategy has happened. By continuing moving forward through consistency and innovation, we were challenged to bring a Strong Foundation for The Future - one that can compete for the market and also ignite the internal spirit that has begun to wear out. 


Grown from humble beginnings, our team tried to dig the founder’s heritage & values by mixing them with relevant transformation. Inspired by its mission to be a good producer of food & beverages with Indonesian taste and world standard, the chosen tagline was “Daily Goodness”. The logo ripples the company values that represent sun of good hope & positivity and farm of nature-based, freshness and strong foundation. In the form of a circle, it also represents unity and togetherness.

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