The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia

Indonesia Diplomacy Movement

The Ministry of Foriegn Affairs of Indonesia’s breakthrough with the 2018 Press Release (PPTM 2018) led to more innovative ideas to start off the PPTM 2019. As a compendium to everything the Ministry has achieved over the last 4 years, this press release marked the end of a term and the beginning of a new one.



As the appointed creative agency for the second time in a row, the success of last year’s PPTM encouraged us to push the boundaries and be even more creative. With age and experience, WKB accepted the responsibility of translating information of national and international importance into digestible illustrations. The challenge was to outdo ourselves and make even more of an impact.



For PPTM 2019, we created a brand visual identity that ties in the whole event. The identity is created around the 4 pillars of diplomacy as the foundation and mission of The Ministry based on the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution of Indonesia. The 4 pillars are also the focus of PPTM 2019. The batik motifs that we chose to represent the pillars spoke eloquently of what the Ministry stands for. They are Parang, Truntum, Sidomukti, and Sekar Jagad batik motif. They carry a deep philosophy that symbolises each pillar of diplomacy.

These ‘Globes of Diplomacy’ are a contemporary presentation of blending concepts with modern visuals. Additionally, the use of clever illustrations to interpret the verbal information has created a lasting impression in the minds of The Ministry, fellow audience, and the world.



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