Handcrafted divine artisan ice cream

Franzel is a proving commitment that a local artisanal ice cream brand can stand the big ice cream affairs. Natural homemade and only available to selected retailers, Waykambas have created a fast-moving, premium, indulging ice cream brand called Franzel. No gelateria experience is quite like Franzel, which fuses premium Italian indulgence in American style. 


We were asked to create an attractive and thorough branding - all from scratch - from the brand  name, strategy to design execution. Technically, the main challenge was to keep a cohesion and clear hierarchy design between the brand, products lines and architecture. This natural homemade ice cream brand needed to be instantly recognizable, while also establishing premium positioning.


For agile purposes, we created a logo that can be adapted in the brand's various lines.  Wrapped in red bubble-shaped container, the logo can move seamlessly in any application. The story behind the name itself was taken from ‘Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli’, a pioneer man in Italian gelato business, one who perfected the first ice cream machine. After the main identity was formed, we designed a set of premium packages each with it's own individual personality & favorite flavor. While not only making them unique within their market, we additionally inserted a small cap called the ‘Artisanal Premium Ice Cream’ that will emphasize the real quality which Franzel offers.

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